My name is Gail Stephens; I am a Yogini and the Founder Director of Dancing Warriors.  Drawing on the principles and practice of yoga, my work inspires people to become their best self.


I have practiced yoga on and off for most of my life. And so, when I came to that point in my life where my world disintegrated around me, as I realised that I was burnt out and broken, lost to myself, I turned to yoga to guide my way home.

My journey has shown me how to come within and connect with my inner warrior, moving forwards and growing stronger; standing in the light of my true self. As I continue to travel, I will always be grateful for the crisis which turned my world upside down. As Rumi said: ‘The wound is the place where the Light enters you.’

Over the last few years, I have been truly blessed to be able to study with an amazing range of teachers and healers, who have generously shared their wisdom and knowledge. I have learnt the structure, shape and forms of yoga; how the body moves and works. I have discovered how the breath works, the power of the breath, and how to harness that power to change my life. I have been gifted the space to find my authentic yoga signature, so that I can practice and teach from my heart.

Dancing Warriors: Inspiring People

I have lost my fear of coming deep within, becoming able to be at one with myself, guided by my innate wisdom. I have learnt how to empower others, so that they too can release their full potential. I have come to appreciate the synergy of western scientific thinking and eastern philosophy – perhaps indeed the ancient gurus spoke the best scientific language available to them at that time.

And now – here I am, yoga therapist, yin yoga and hatha yoga teacher, coach. This is the crucible from which Dancing Warriors was born; my journey continues, but now it is time for me to stand in the power of my inner warrior, holding a safe and nurturing space for others to become their change and find their way home.

— Gail Stephens