Yoga Therapy

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Whether it’s a vague feeling that all is not well, or a sense that the body/mind is in armed rebellion against us, or any of the stages in between, living with dis-ease or un-wellness can leave us feeling as though we’re living half a life.

Whether your issue has its roots in the body, the mind or the emotions, living this way can lead to disconnection from, disappointment in, or even a sense of loathing of, ourselves. We may find ourselves trapped in the margins – always, never, everything, nothing. This issue – whatever it is – is something which we fight with, but at the same time we become increasingly defined by.

In the 15th century, a yogic scholar called Svatmarama wrote that the science of yoga ‘is the sanctuary for those suffering every type of pain’ (Hatha Yoga Pradipika, II.10). The International Association of Yoga Therapists describes yoga therapy as ‘the process of empowering individuals to progress towards improved health and wellbeing through the application of the teaching and practice of yoga’.

As a yoga therapist, my practice starts from a place of unconditional positive regard for my client, a belief that instinctively the client knows what is best for them, and from a certainty that they have within them the capacity to heal themselves.

Working with the whole person, my focus is on what is possible, what can be improved and also what, perhaps, must be accepted; rather than on what is broken and dysfunctional, and what can only be fixed by the ‘expert’. This holistic approach to my client’s health and wellness allows me to work authentically and empathically with every aspect of them, from the purely physical to the quintessentially spiritual, creating personalised programmes to address specific issues.

If this resonates with you and you would like to find out more, please contact me for an initial conversation.

Therapy Qualifications

The journey continues:  I am now licenced to practice as a Yoga Therapist, having successfully completed the 500 hours Minded Yoga Therapy training programme with the Minded Institute.

Yoga Therapy

“Yoga therapy – wow! My sessions with Gail have been a real rollercoaster of a ride. The process has been so beneficial for me and has pointed me in the right direction. Yoga therapy has brought the space, time and calming that I really needed. My time with Gail has been invaluable, she offers a warm, welcoming space and is extremely talented at what she does. Thank you.”


Yoga Therapy

"Gail has a very rare, gentle, deep reaching magic, which gently unfolds where you’re at before you know it. She listens attentively and asks thoughtful, relevant questions so that the magic works. Then she teaches you how to breathe or move, hold or release and you realise you ‘feel’ different. And it lingers. It seems very long lasting. Like I say, it’s magic and it has made me feel so much better."


Yoga Therapy

“From start to finish, Gail is attentive, listening, challenging and compassionate – I felt ‘held’ through all the sessions. Her knowledge, approach, voice and intent all create a really safe environment in which, in my experience, you can shed old habits and grow into new ones. The experience was fantastic, I would really recommend Gail.”